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1% means the world to us


Dear Friend of Artemisszió,


Are you a taxpayer in Hungary? Now you can stand up for your values in an easy way.


Hungary’s 1% tax law allows you to donate 1% of your previous year’s paid personal income taxes to an approved charity. It is an easy and confidential process, which enables you to support a worthy cause in Hungary at no financial cost to you.


Who are we? Why supporting Artemisszió?


We would like to live in a country where diversity is valued. The goals of Artemisszió Foundation are to encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups and to foster their mutual understanding; to support the social integration of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups; to strengthen scientific and cultural relations internationally; to develop and disseminate intercultural training courses, educational materials and methods.


How do you make arrangements about your 1+1%?


  • You can make arrangements about offering the 1+1% of your tax on the new online surface or on the EGYSZA sheet of the 16SZJA form or on the 16EGYSZA sheet created for this purpose.
  • The statement on offering the 1+1% of your tax can be sent electronically or via postal mail until 20 May 2019 to the NTCA either as a part of your return or separately.
  • If you have authorized your employer with complying with your tax return obligation, the statement on your 1+1% can be handed over to your employer in a sealed envelope until 10 May 2019.  


You will find more information about the process here: http://en.nav.gov.hu/taxation/eSZJA/ePIT.html


How can you support us?


Besides offering your 1% tax to Artemisszió you can spread the information and encourage your friends and colleagues to do so. If you are not offering your 1% tax, it will go back to the state. Be a conscious citizen, support the values that matter to you! "Support Artemisszió with your 1% of tax" .


Thank you for your support,

Artemisszió team