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Crowdfunding campaign for the renovation of Mira Ház: Help us create a safe and welcoming community space for refugee and immigrant families


Artemisszió Foundation is hoping to raise 850 000 HUF in its new crowdfunding campiaign, aimed at covering the renovation costs of the new space for Mira Ház. Mira is a community space for refugees and immigrants in Budapest where we organize free community and educational programmes. Help us welcome our community members in our safe and comfortable new space.


Donate here: https://adjukossze.hu/adomanygyujtes/2986


How to donate? Here is an English-language guide!


The Artemisszio Foundation has been operating the Mira community since 2016, where hundreds of refugees and immigrants have now found support, community and a safe space for leisure and learning. The community space has existed since 2018, and from 2022, it has been operated exclusively by our foundation.


Our community is constantly growing, and we have outgrown the old Mira Ház, so we will be moving to a new location, Lujza Street, from June.


The space will provide the opportunity for many more programs to be implemented simultaneously, but at the same time, it needs renovation and new furniture. If the community space is not completed in time, we will not be able to maintain our programs and educational activities in the quantity and quality that would be needed.


Help us welcome old and new members of our community in a comfortable and well-equipped environment, in a way that best helps them! We can't do this alone, we need your help!



Mira is a community where anyone, regardless of cultural backgroun, social and economic status, gender, age, or other characteristics, can feel free, receive help, and find friends in a safe environment. 


For foreigners coming to Budapest, this community is often the only bridge that connects them to the wider Hungarian society.


In 2022, we organized 155 community programs with approximately 2,000 participants, 25% of whom fled the war in Ukraine. Mira's community is amazingly colorful, so far participants from 150 countries have come to our programs!


Many of the members of the Mira community work for our community every day as volunteer teachers or program organizers. We would like these programs to take place in as homely and well-equipped an environment as possible. Help so that the new Mira Ház can start operating at full capacity as soon as possible!


1. We organize community programs

In 2022, we organized 155 community programs with approximately 2,000 participants.

3-4 free social programs per week: major celebrations (e.g. Persian New Year, Diwali, Christmas), intercultural evenings (e.g. Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Mexico), dance lessons, poetry reading evenings, karaoke, party game and movie nights, yoga classes

larger trips and trips (e.g. Gödöllő Castle, Visegrád, Zebegény) for our members.

summer camps

permanent football team made up of refugees


The new Mira Ház will make it possible for us to host even more community programs, trips, and summer camps, as well as for adult and children's programs to take place in separate rooms at the same time. In the past, sometimes we were forced not to accept all applicants for our programs due to lack of space. 


2. We offer educational activities

teaching Hungarian: in 2022, a total of 16 volunteer teachers taught Hungarian to 92 students.

English conversation club and language tandem

creative and self-awareness sessions for women

tutoring children


Our educational activities have grown so large that we currently have to use external, rented locations to accommodate everyone. The new Mira House would provide a home for every lesson in one place.


3. We help those arriving here to prosper in Hungarian society.

orientation clubs about Hungarian systems and customs (e.g. healthcare, starting a business)

mentoring program to help new arrivals get by on a daily basis.

"job-skills training" (development of workplace skills)


The demand for our mentor program, orientation club and trainings is huge, the new location would provide an opportunity for these to be available to our members in greater numbers and intensity, thereby facilitating their integration into the labor market as soon as possible.



The maintenance of the community space requires serious financial resources, which we cannot or only partially finance through tenders, so we are now turning to you to create the new Mira House together. 



The renovation of the Mira House involves significant costs. Our goal is to create a new children's room intended only for children and several teaching rooms in the smaller rooms. And we want to make the large community space suitable for providing a comfortable and representative space for several types of community programs.


Be part of the Mira success story! In order to be able to start work in the community space on time, we also need you!


How even a small donated amount can make a huge difference at Mira:


Target amount: 850,000 HUF


You can give a donation to help Mira Ház here: https://adjukossze.hu/adomanygyujtes/2986