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Artemisszió started a temporary co-housing program for refugees called "Welcome" as part of our Mira! Intercultural Community. In the program, we establish cooperation with individuals who offer refugees a room in their own homes free of charge for 3 or 6 months.



The purpose of the hosting is to ensure that during this period, the refugees do not have to struggle with housing problems and can devote their energies fully to their integration plans. The "Welcome" co-housing program was inspired by the French SINGA J'accueille co-housing program, in which 63% of the 530 people who participated between 2015 and 2018 found a suitable housing solution after the program, 27% returned to education or training, 28% found a job, and 3% started a business. "Welcome" is all about intercultural encounters and the opportunity to learn from each other. Hosting and living together has many benefits: it raises awareness in society about inclusion and helps to overcome stereotypes, while it provides a safe environment to implement the hostee’s plans, eliminates isolation, and contributes to the expansion of the hostee’s personal and professional network. So by living in a shared household, "Welcome" first and foremost encourages cultural exchange and mutual learning, intending to support the integration of the hosted person. 


What is "Welcome"?


"Welcome" is primarily an integration program, in which temporary (3 or 6 months) and free hosting relieves the refugees of housing problems for a short period of time, but we emphasize from the beginning that during the hosting period they should actively focus on finding an independent and stable housing solution for after the program. "Welcome" is not only about providing accommodation but also about intercultural encounters, learning from each other, spending part of your time together, and engaging regularly in joint activities (e.g. sharing meals or cooking together). We welcome applications from both hosts and hostees.


Who can apply to host?


The host must have a free room available for 3 or 6 months, located in Budapest or its agglomeration, accessible by public transport (to enable the hostees to move around independently in their daily life). The application is a multi-step process, including filling out a registration form (5 minutes), participating in an information event (online or offline) and a personal interview, and completing a one-to-one intercultural training.

For more information on the application process and the program, come to one of our info events or register here.


Who can apply as a hostee?


The "Welcome" co-housing program was originally set up for people and families fleeing the war in Ukraine. However, all foreign nationals who have a valid residence permit or refugee status in Hungary or intend to apply for it­, are welcome to apply. We are looking for applicants who can be helped by the program by temporarily solving their housing problems because they have a "project" for what they would like to achieve in the near future (e.g. finding long-term housing and employment, Hungarian language courses, continuing their studies, starting a business). You can apply by filling out the registration form or in person at Mira House (1094 Budapest, Bokréta str. 10., Mon-Fri: 15:00-19:00), then the process continues with a detailed information session and personal interview, at the end, there is a one-to-one intercultural training. For more information on the application process, contact us, register here, and come to the interview.


How to move in together?


Following the personal interviews, the Animator of the "Welcome" program will match potential Host-Hostee pairs and help organize the first meeting. Moving in is always a voluntary and mutual decision of the parties. If after one or more meetings mutual sympathy is established and the parties agree to move in together, we sign the Agreement  (Host, Hostee and Artemisszió Foundation) and the Host and Hostee receive the Cohabitation Charta, after that, all the conditions are ready for moving in together.


What does Artemisszió offer during the program?


Framework, support, training, follow-up, and additional program elements such as community programs, if needed mentoring and Hungarian language lessons for the hostess or group supervision for the hosts, and mediation for both to resolve the situation in case of problems or conflicts.