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Inclusive Media Literacy Curricula for Youth

Disinformation impacts our daily lives. It sparks polarization, it acts to confuse us and  it ultimately affects our ability to make informed decisions, with direct consequences  for our democratic societies. It poses an even greater threat when it weaponizes our  differences to harm those most vulnerable. InMedia comes in response to these issues by creating an inclusive media literacy  program that addresses the needs of youngsters from vulnerable communities and the  youth workers who are involved in these communities, with the ultimate purpose of  ensuring the transferability of media literacy competencies that they develop.


To sum it up, InMedia is about inclusive media literacy education. Our project sets out  to bring media literacy to vulnerable young people with difficult socio-economic  backgrounds from Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova, in order to help  them develop media literacy competencies and guide them through the cobweb cast  by disinformation. 

To this end, the first Intellectual Output is an integrated inclusive media and  information literacy program for youth workers employing non-formal methodologies  with young people with social obstacles.


It contains four modules:  

Module 1: Curriculum for an Inclusive Media and Information Literacy Program 

Module 2: Media Landscape and Fundamental Human Rights 

Module 3: Misinformation in Traditional and New Media 

Module 4: Inclusive Media: A Guide to Teaching Tolerance through Media Literacy


Access the Inclusive Media Literacy Curricula for Youth here.