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Me and the Media - Methodological booklet for media literacy education

The manual is a result of the cooperation of the 1st International School of Ostrava (Ostrava, Slovakia), Artemisszió Foundation (Budapest, Hungary), Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Gdańsk, Poland) and Obcianske Zdruzenie Diera do Sveta (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia) within an educational project „Democracy and Innovative Methods in Education (DIME)” founded by the International Visegrad Fund in 2019-2020.


We recommend this manual for teachers, educators, and facilitators who work with the 12-18 age range, and who wish to tackle the topics of critical thinking, identity, and stereotypes, who are the “others”, media manipulation, perception and delusion, fact-checking and fake news. The workshop plans based on non-formal education methods can be applied in a classroom, but also during a summer camp, in a thematic day, or during a youth event. We hope that the workshop plans will contribute to the enrichment of meaningful and interesting curriculum for both Educators and Youth.


You can download the booklet in PDF here.