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Creative Media Home Made 2 (Ariadne project - Artemisszio)

ARIADNE - Art for intercultural adaptation in new environment
Grundtvig Multilateral Project

There are 69.8 million estimated international migrants in Europe today, amounting to 9.5 per cent of the population (IOM). While their paths and experiences differ greatly, they face some common challenges, often including stress, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, and loss of social network. As a consequence many migrants in Europe remain segregated if not marginalized.

Engaging in art has been shown to facilitate improvements on both the individual and the social level, by enhancing the individuals' artistic and social creativity and also by creating social connections. Nevertheless theories on how art can enhance adaptation are not systematized, methodologies are rarely evaluated with a scientific rigor and the developed programmes, resources are not collected, different initiatives often remaining isolated.

In order to measure the impact of art on the adaptation of new migrants, the Ariadne for Art project partners delivered 11 x 30 hour arts workshops. These 'pilot' sessions took place between July 2011 and April 2012. Partners worked with groups of 10-15 migrants including refugees and asylum seekers. Partners made these courses available to members of the host nation.

The pilot workshops used a variety of art forms such as: creative writing, dance, creative media, forum theatre and visual arts. By using the arts as a tool to engage with the participants a safe space was created in order to reflect on issues such as cultural shock, identity, sense of belonging etc. The artistic outputs went towards assessing the impact of arts on the participants. The participants took part in qualitative research in the form of interviews and questionnaires.

Website: www.ariadne4art.eu