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„Me being acquainted with Artemisszio, what a great opportunity for excellence!” // Skills On!



Our participant from Ghana, Jemima wrote about her experiences in the Skills On! program. Skills On! helps migrant and refugee people finding a job and have a better life in Hungary. // Skills On! menekült és bevándorló embereket munkába segítő programunk ghánai résztvevője, Jemima írt tapasztalatairól a blogunkra.


I was Introduced to Artemisszio by a friend who had previously experienced the Skills On Training Program organized by the foundation, in my 2nd semester of Graduate School. Initially, I was skeptical, but I thought to myself, “what bad thing ever gets recommended” that was when I signed on with enthusiasm. The program had wholesome approach which covered every aspect of my needs in Hungary at that time (I was fairly new here).


The organization had alluring programs such as Hungarian lessons, Job Skills Training, Competence Mapping, Social Service Assistance, Facilitation of Internship etc. With my enrolment on the Skills On Training Program, I was taken through lessons on good communication, how to build my confidence level during interviews and how to create an excellent CV worthy for the Job market. With the help of our coordinators, a prep interview was held for each and every participants. Personally, it was a great trial and opportunity to learn and improve upon myself as a prospective interviewee.


Artemisszio also facilitated my gaining internship with UNHCR which was in itself a great experience. I must mention that the lessons from the prep interview sessions, helped me sail through my interview and was selected as an intern  by the help of GOD Almighty. As a participant of the foundation’s internship program, I was entitled to a 50000huf monthly allowance  which was better in comparison to the payment-free internship I would have otherwise been doing. That was a great motivation to work hard.


I had the opportunity to learn and share Ideas with people from other national backgrounds.To our coordinators, Erzsebet and Eteka, I say congratulations for your patience and good work done. Indeed me being introduced to Artemisszio was one of the greatest stepping stones to excellence ! I am blessed to have crossed paths with this notable organization and I must say I am grateful for having me on board as one of your participants.


I’d do this again and recommend it to others.



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