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Nyertünk! UNHCR Innovation Award 2018



Az alábbiakban Mikes Hannának, a genfi díjátadón elmondott beszédét tesszük közzé angol nyelven:


"Thank you. Our organization, Artemisszió is grateful to UNHCR for seeing truth and value in our objectives. Especially these days, when our very existence is endangered by the lack of financial support - your recognition and prize are giving us a glimpse of hope, as well as strength to go on.


The political climate has changed around us recently. The shrinking democracy in Hungary went along with the rise of intolerance, social distrust and the fear of refugees. Under these alarming circumstances our duty is to create a space where people can meet without being judged, and experience the joy of community, no matter where they are coming from. This is our Mira Intercultural Community. And we are very proud of it.


As we are proud of our members, many of them have achieved important milestones in their life, for example:

Mahdi, who got into a programming school;

Mary, who found a new job and a new flat;

Shabir, a 10 –year- old boy, who gets great marks in Hungarian class at his primary school; and

Muszti, who has organised our football team for refugees and locals.


They are the inspiration for us. With our partner organization, Open Doors Hungary, we have opened a new community space: MiraDoor. It’s a unique island in Hungary where refugees and locals come together and learn from each other.


We must maintain this community, so innovation is a matter of survival for us.  The co-operation with the international and national public is essential. Without them, and without our volunteers, we just simply couldn’t go on.


That is why we are so grateful for this prize, and I would like to thank UNHCR for their support.


Thank you."



">Hanna's speech in Geneva