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Analysis on how to combine new technologies with more traditional methods of teaching


"STROLL is an extraordinary experiment inspired by the recent migration of higher education to the online space. We are searching for ways to integrate online learning into the curriculum not as a necessary evil but as an exciting opportunity to learn differently."


InMedia - Inclusive Media Literacy Curricula for Youth


The InMedia - Inclusive Media Literacy Curriculum for Youth project is, as its name suggests, about inclusive media education: a set of steps we take to reach as many young people as possible and help them better use and understand media.


Stroll - Walking the city


👣 Gyere, sétálj te is velünk! 👣 👣 Elindult STROLL projektünk 👣 👣 Come and walk with us! 👣 👣 Launching STROLL. 👣


We have just launched our CONTINUE project!


The overall aim of the CONTINUE project is to support the integration of socially disadvantaged young people, to prevent them from falling out of society in the changed situation after the COVID epidemic.


Story Sharing Marathon for Migrant Women


In a world of isolation, sharing stories is a great way to connect, but during our Story Sharing Marathon, we wish for more! We wish to build a community, learn in many creative ways of expression during a series of workshops, and fill our FemTalksForum Platform with vibrant stories from treasure recipes, family stories, photo essays, and many hero stories. We would like to use the special opportunity to gather female stories from all around the world, from women who live in a different country than their original, for short or for a longer time.